Groups for Good
Collaborative learning and
cross-organizational training
for social impact teams.
We train cohorts & coalitions how to collaboratively build power for their causes in fundraising, advocacy, organizing, and digital marketing.

We have trained 12+ major coalitions and brought together 100+ social impact leaders in small group trainings from 7+ countries.
Knowledge & Resource Sharing
Peer-to-Peer Learning &
Trust Building
 Our Experience with Group Trainings 
100+ Nonprofit Leaders &
Social Entrepreneurs
from 7+ Countries
The ImaginePod team regularly brings together group learning experiences for cross-sector social impact leaders working on a diverse range of social causes from over 7 countries.

Since 2020, we have facilitated collaborative group trainings for 100+ social entrepreneurs and nonprofits.

We conduct in-depth training experiences on trending digital marketing topics with a shared leadership model that allows leaders to give value, be productive, and mastermind creative solutions with others with diverse perspectives.
12+ Nonprofit Coalitions & Grantee Cohorts Since 2012
We’ve worked with Fission Strategy and Do Big Things to help coalitions and grantee cohorts learn, share, and collaborate together around key causes and issues since 2010.

We worked with Faith In Action to build their Black Southern Women’s Collaborative,  a coalition of faith-focused, women-of-color-led organizations across southern states, facilitating collaborative training sessions on various digital organizing topics at the intersection of voting rights issues in southern states and have supported their ability to both learn, work through challenges, and implement digital marketing campaigns together.
 Transformational Experiences
That Lead to Greater Impact
We work with Do Big Things to facilitate trainings for the Resource Legacy Fund's grantee cohorts, focused on various causes at the intersection of conservation, Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI), and indigenous land restoration. We bring together diverse organizations from across Western states to help them build and strengthen their communications.

We have also conducted group learning for several grantee cohorts including the New Venture Fund and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, to support digital outreach to Hard-To-Count communities for the 2020 Census.

With Fission Strategy, we helped create a first-of-its-kind collaborative strategy with data sharing amongst a group of their peers, such as Amnesty International.

With Fenton Communications and Fission, we worked with Communities United for Police Reform to train a cohort of organizations in NYC on influencer engagement, blogging, and social media.

Our expertise is in creating transformational experiences through small groups of diverse cross sector leaders, where a valuable cross pollination of ideas and expertise result in greater impact through collaboration. 

Why Our Group Learning Methods Work ...
Organizations can hire consulting teams to conduct audits and create strategies, but true learning and capacity building happens when there's a "Done-With-You" instead of "Done-For-You" approach.

What this involves:

We start with a robust discovery phase, which typically includes 1:1 interviews with each of the members or organizations in the learning cohort along with group survey.
We create a detailed curriculum with topics, materials, and expected outcomes from the training sessions that address the common themes coming out of the discovery phase.
Office Hours
We use these sessions to create space for members to ask questions, walk through their homework, and continue to teach and learn from each other.
Teach, Review, Do
We use a cyclical method while teaching our frameworks, first teaching cohort members in a number of interactive ways, then reviewing, then giving time to do it themselves.
Learning Library
We build a learning library of training recordings, workbooks, one-pagers, and other resources to be hosted in an online learning space and discussed in Slack or a Facebook Group.
The group builds trust, shares knowledge, and discovers ways to collaboratively implement marketing campaigns .— creating faster and more effective impact.
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