ImaginePod Fundraising Success Pod
Fundraising Success Pod
A FREE Incubator for Nonprofits + Mission-Driven Social Impact Leaders: Set Up and Level Up Your Fundraising, Then Move into Action Raising Your First $100 or $100,000
The Fundraising Success Pod provides organization leaders — in nonprofits, mission-driven businesses, schools, churches, teams, etc. — with the collaboration, tools, resources, and accountability to help them bring in funding to make a difference.

Sometimes when you’re in the thick of needing an infusion of funding, you may not feel creativity or engage in inspired action taking. When you're starting to improve your fundraising, it can help to have a free Discovery session and potentially a collaborative incubator within which to do this, right?

During the 4-week experience, via FREE one-hour sessions each week, we guide you step-by-step through the process of:
  • Setting up your fundraising platform
  • Creating a special fundraising campaign such as a silent auction or event with tickets
  • Developing messaging that shows clear impact and moves people
  • Designing an evergreen donation or sponsorship form, and
  • Starting to secure the funds you need to realize your mission.

Qualifying organizations receive a full scholarship to participate in the program as well as the opportunity to win a grant or prize after completing the program.
The first step to be eligible: 
  • Get a FREE Givebutter account that includes the Silent Auction and Event features, and is for organizations based in the United States.
    — OR —
  • Get a FREE Donorbox account that includes Membership Tiers and Events as options and works in 96 countries and in multiple languages.

Signing up for one of these accounts is a prerequisite for the incubator so we can all harness an all-in-one fundraising and marketing platform effectively to start raising money with many options at our fingertips.

This is for you if you ...
  • Are ready to rock it — you're an action oriented person ready to dive in
  • Have a project bigger than yourself — you're with a nonprofit, mission-driven business, school, church, team, community cause, etc.
  • Enjoy productivity in collaboration — you're someone who believes the sum is greater than the parts when minds combine knowledge.
Photo: Adriana Dakin, facilitator of the Fundraising Incubator, talks with participants in the United States and Guatemala about creative give-get principles in fundraising strategy to increase audience engagement, connection, and action-taking via silent auctions, events, and more.
Want to know these?
3 Secrets
What we've found from working with hundreds of organizations on growing their financial resources and exposure to audiences is:
#1: Give-Get
Show Up with Persuasive Storytelling & Tech to Match, So You Can Employ Powerful Reciprocity to Mobilize Your Audiences
#2. Big "Why"
Step Back First to Define and Clearly Articulate the Vision Behind and In Front of Your Mission So You Can Align Actions with Desired Outcomes
#3. Boldness
Be Bold with One Certain Tactic When It's Time to Ask or Pitch So You See Incredible Results for You, Your Cause, and Community
When you apply to the incubator, facilitator Adriana will send you ImaginePod's Fundraising Playbook PDF with the details on these 3 secrets.
We've Partnered with Givebutter, Donorbox, and The Bloom to Bring You a Best-In-Class Support for Success
What's Included for Free
We support you via:
  • FREE Donation Platform: Access to a fantastic all-in-one donation & marketing platform, with ongoing 1:1 support if you're raising $100,000 or more
  • FREE Fundraising Playbook: ImaginePod's Fundraising Playbook with the 3 Secrets and Checklist to proceed smoothly and strategically
  • FREE Private Discovery Call: 1:1 session with Adriana to define your challenges, identify what works well, and create your action plan

And these as well:
  • A Chance to Win: A chance to win a grant or prize after completing set up and starting to raise money
  • Preparation for More Success: Great preparation for your next big push or the Season of Giving in the whole month of December leading up to New Year's.
Your Facilitator & Coach
Adriana Dakin, Co-CEO & Facilitator
Adriana facilitates learning and action taking with social impact leaders — to create the mindset, strategy, and implementation for success in increasing impact and reach.

With expertise in fundraising and marketing from over two decades consulting to organizations within top agencies, a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School, and certification in the Transformational Mindset Facilitator method, she also brings experience in grant writing and grant reviewing through her work in a community foundation.

Her fundraising and grantwriting has helped bring in millions of dollars in funding for social and environmental causes. She lives in California and is creating a multi-media book with resources for changemakers.
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