Learn to Increase Donor or Customer Loyalty 2X or More
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ImaginePod is an inclusive training accelerator that coaches impact-focused leaders how to build customer and donor loyalty.

Our Approach & Philosophy
Inclusion + Diversity = A community of impact-focused leaders from across sectors, causes, and 8+ countries
Together With You = Peer-to-peer learning and horizontal leadership training methods with compassion at the core
Teach + Do + Review = Blended learning methods created specifically for small, under-resourced teams with a big vision
I like that you teach people with ethical and moral intentions to use the tools of the system we live in. You can change the system when you know the tools to use. This shows how to use the tools we already have access to, in an appropriate manner, and using our sense of social purpose. Everything you’re saying is about using the tools for organizational capacity.
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Watch the 2-Minute Video: Learn How to Increase Donor & Customer Loyalty 2x or More, While In Uncertain Economic Times, So You Can Thrive and Serve Your Audience with Greater Value
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Ryan Levesque from ASK Method® Interviews Adriana Dakin of ImaginePod
"I want to share how QUIZ Funnels are being used now for social good ... Their clients are working on everything from helping people with disabilities to ending the death penalty."
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