The Funded Founder: Short-Form Video Storytelling Course
Cultivate & Deepen Relationships More Quickly to Increase Funding & Build Your Mindset, Even If Fundraising & Sales Currently Gives You "Fear of Rejection"
For impact-focused, mission-driven nonprofit and social enterprise leaders + teams who are ready to “step up their game” to increase reach, impact, and funding, and thus make a bigger difference in your community and the world, without getting stuck for lack of clarity and support with trending and effective digital communication methods.
Applying takes only a minute or two. We're creating an inclusive and international group to form a collaborative & action-oriented environment. Check if you're a good fit.
Why Choose This Course in 2023?
Solve Your Top Challenges as an Impact-Driven Leader

Know you need to do it, but it's hard to get off pause, focus, and build momentum

Insufficient Funding

The dreams, goals, and community needs are bigger than the budget

Limited Time

There's not nearly enough time in the day to get it all done


It's hard to know whom exactly to reach & what specific approach to take


Feeling isolated, being siloed, and lacking peer accountability is a thing


"Fear of rejection," "getting on camera," and of tech get in the way of success

Why Learning Short-Form Videos is Effective
Get Confidence & Practice with Building Relationships at Scale
Take Advantage of High Priority Placements on Platforms
Reach People Across Multiple Platforms, Wherever They Are
Become a Confident Advocate for Your Story and Cause with the Tools Already at Your Fingertips
Imagine Your Audience Journey ...
Everyone is super busy and distracted, so it's hard to get their attention much less keep it ...
You want to guide the right people onto a path where the air is fresher ...
Giving them clear and easy steps to take with you so that some of them can eventually summit.
The Trends Are On Your Side
7X Better Engagement
Fresh, authentic, "under-produced" (aka not polished) videos get more engagement than their counterparts.
According to Typeform, taking a phone, sharing your creds, and making an ask or offer gets 7x better engagement than highly produced pieces.
Most professional videography projects cost at least $15k. This course provides a cost-effective solution to produce impactful videos without breaking the bank.
Don't let a limited budget hold you back from using video to tell your story powerfully.
What You'll Gain from the Course
Master a Strategic Framework for Effective Video Storytelling
Create 10+ Purpose-Driven Short Videos (Under 60 Sec) for Cross-Platform Impact
Develop a Compelling Mindset for Building Relationships and Driving Results with Video
Craft Compelling Stories from Your Own Recordings with Video Clip Interview Techniques
Unleash Your Creativity with a Toolkit for Continuous Video Storytelling Success
Achieve Your Bigger Picture Goals with the Support of a Caring Community
I must say that I am incredibly grateful to you for opening up so many possibilities and helping me with my business in more ways than you will ever know! Just to let you know that by God’s grace somehow we have managed to get 125 people registered for our first ancestral challenge and our list has grown to 1,176 and it's all thanks to your brilliant expertise and ability to simplify complicated and scary marketing ideas. I am so excited about my business which is something I wouldn't have said a year ago and that's all because of you!
South African Actor, TV Personality, Ancestral Healer
Featuring Video, Fundraising, and Storytelling Experts
Julián Gómez, Short Form Video Producer
He's the short form video producer for none other than Emmy award-winning Johnny Harris with 3M+ YouTube subscribers and 430K TikTok followers.
Helen Bryant, Fundraising Strategist
Helen has worked with the Urban Institute in Washington DC and League of Conservation Voters raising millions of dollars for social justice causes.
Klara Cu, Video Storyteller
Klara helps mission-driven entrepreneurs launch programs that expand their income and impact. She loves working with educators on scripting, branding, and creative vision.
Jon DelRosario, Video Editor
Jon is a filmmaker who collaborates with Klara to teach video skills, with a specialty in the post-production process … story sequence, motion graphics, music to enhance the emotion.
And Facilitated By ...
Abigail Ahoude, Co-CEO & Interviewer
With expertise in thinking about relationship building holistically, and in interviewing, storytelling, funnel strategy, and studio set up, Abigail is excited to welcome the video course cohort!
Adriana Dakin, Co-CEO & Digital Storyteller
With an MPP from Harvard, Adriana collaborates with social enterprises to create innovative and streamlined strategies, campaigns, and video stories.
“A huge shoutout for rocking the 2022 Learning Cohort!  The wrap-up report, including the individual responses, participant tracking, and the compilation of all the workshop materials is really helpful. It’s been a pleasure working with this entire group of esteemed females. Thank you all."
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Deborah Frey Love
Director, Resources Legacy Fund
Incredible Results with Short Form Videos
  • Created and grew MinuteEarth’s TikTok from 0 to over 1 million followers in just over a year. MinuteEarth makes illustrated, educational science videos

  • As the Short Form Video Producer for Emmy-award-winning video journalist Johnny Harris, has written, edited, produced, and distributed all short form video content to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

  • Helped Johnny Harris' TikTok grow by nearly 50% (over 200k followers) to about 430k.

  • Using short form content as a way to grow Harris' relationship with his YouTube audience and posting about 3 videos per week.
Accelerate Your Video Storytelling Success: An 8-Week Intensive Course with Work Sessions and Q&A Review
  • 2-hour live trainings & work sessions on Thursdays starting at 8:30 am Pacific (recorded if you miss it)
  • 1-hour Q&A review sessions on Tuesdays to support all participants in having an active and successful Spring season
  • Recordings available to course members
  • Get nearly all of the work DONE within the course sessions (designed for busy people!)

  • Week 1 (Mar 9): Mindset and Mapping Your Video Funnel (aka Audience Journey)
  • Week 2 (Mar 16): Niching Down to Your Ideal Audience for Your Videos
  • Week 3 (March 23): Sharing Your Impact with a Theory of Change for Persuasive & Powerful Messaging with Helen Bryant

  • Week 4 (Mar 30): Three Short-Form Video Strategies from Beginner to Advanced with Julián Goméz
  • Week 5 (Apr 6): Production Tips for Your Video Set Up with Klara Cu
  • Week 6 (Apr 13): Video Recording Work Sessions
  • Week 7 (Apr 20): Overlay Graphics Support and Video Editing with Klara Cu & Jonathan DelRosario

  • Week 8* (Apr 27): Strategic Success with Platforms, Algorithms and Analytics

BONUS SESSION for those who complete the work (May 4):
Empowering Team Members, Donors, Customers, Allies, and Partners as Spokespeople on Video, Plus Plan Your Next Steps for Growth

*In Week 8, we'll have demos of platforms and start a fast-paced and productive 14-Day Sprint to post your new videos while tracking your progress metrics and getting feedback + suggestions.

The course price is $1,875. We offer flexible payment plans if installments help.

Let us know if you have a strong mission to scale your social impact and would need a Scholarship in order to join. We offer the course on a sliding scale to make it accessible even if your organization is still emerging.

Full refund guaranteed if you join the first training session live, do the work, but find it's not a good fit for you.

Your trainings have opened new possibilities and horizons for our marketing. You both are freaking brilliant.
Psychologist, Television Personality, Speaker, Author
Whom This Course is For

Designed for individuals and teams who aim to:

  1. Get beyond fears about cultivating relationships through video storytelling so they can reach and mobilize more people for the cause
  2. Establish a well-structured framework that can be adapted to specific needs
  3. Benefit from an inspiring community with opportunities for peer-to-peer idea sharing

And eventually ... Create a more automated nonprofit or business that attracts and converts new donors and customers at scale.

Join together with a team member so you can embed the learning and tag team.
Tools & Mindset for Video Creation
  • A camera-equipped device such as an iPhone or other smartphone
  • An open mind, a proactive attitude, and a willingness to take action in order to achieve your goals
  • And we'll recommend additional tools that are free or low cost in our kick off session 
I like that you teach people with ethical and moral intentions to use the tools of the system we live in. You can change the system when you know the tools to use. This shows how to use the tools we already have access to, in an appropriate manner, and using our sense of social purpose. Everything you’re saying is about using the tools for organizational capacity.
Our Approach & Philosophy
Inclusion + Diversity = A community of impact-focused leaders from across sectors, causes, and 8+ countries
Together With You = Peer-to-peer learning and horizontal leadership training methods with compassion at the core
Teach + Do + Review = Blended learning methods created specifically for small, under-resourced teams with a big vision
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