Short-Form Video Storytelling Course to Cultivate & Deepen Relationships that Increase Action-Taking & Funding
Tackle Videos for Insta, YouTube, TikTok & More. Grow Trust to Increase Funding + Impact Through Your Own Short Videos (Think: < 60 Sec) at Every Stage of Your Audience's Journey.
Space is limited. We're creating an inclusive and international group to form a collaborative & action-oriented environment to learn + practice new skills in communications and marketing. Check if you're a good fit by answering a couple questions!
Why This Course in 2023?
What Many Impact-Focused Leaders Want
#1 = to grow their organization ... but don’t know exactly WHO or HOW
#2 =  to end up with tangible results that improve the bottom line + social impact

The Top 5 Challenges Many Experience
  1. Not enough FUNDING: Not enough money to achieve big dreams for making an impact

  2. Too little TIME: Too little time and space to implement what’s needed, and it's hard to do something *new* when you haven’t done it before ... so it needs extra thinking time

  3. Lack of CLARITY: Confusion about exactly WHOM you want to reach and HOW with the wide array of options — "how do I even start tackling TikTok?" — making it hard to focus and get in front of the people who really need you

  4. Lack of COMMUNITY and peer ACCOUNTABILITY for progress: Too much solitude and isolation, with silo-ing between people & organizations

  5. Overwhelm with EMOTIONS that hinder success: Doing too much, not enough help, burn out, fear of failure, imposter syndrome, fear of rejection, and fear of getting on video to speak up boldly & persuasively
Why Short-Form Videos WORK
It's hard to talk with everyone ... in the right way ... at the right time ... while reaching enough people to make a real difference in communities.

TL;DR: Use videos to build relationships at scale.
Powerful ... the Next Best Thing: Next to being in a room with someone, talking to them through a short video is *the next best thing* to persuade and move them to action — to get involved, donate, buy.
Prioritized: Short-form videos (<60 to 90 sec) are what ALL the platforms are prioritizing via their algorithms right now, whether it’s Instagram Reels or Facebook Stories or TikTok or YouTube Shorts … even LinkedIn will move in this direction.
Cross-Purposed: Moreover, you can cross-purpose your short videos across all the platforms (with small tweaks as needed) plus run them as paid ads on autopilot, or on your website and blog, or in emails.
What you need: A willingness to get on camera and try things out because you are a powerful advocate for your story and cause!
What You'll Come Away With
Most videography projects start at $15k to $20k. That's a lot!

If you have want to do video but don’t have that level of budget, this is the sweat equity version of getting videos done!

More importantly, you'll have the mindset and capacity building in new skills.
Video Strategy & Simple Framework to Follow Now & In Future
10+ Short Videos <60 Sec to Use Purpose Across Multiple Platforms
A Powerful Mindset for Building Relationships through Video
Recorded Video Interview of Yourself Clipped Into Powerful Stories
A Set of Tools & Accounts You'll Keep Using with Increasing Creativity
A Caring Community to Help You Reach Your Bigger Picture Goals
I must say that I am incredibly grateful to you for opening up so many possibilities and helping me with my business in more ways than you will ever know! Just to let you know that by God’s grace somehow we have managed to get 125 people registered for our first ancestral challenge and our list has grown to 1,176 and it's all thanks to your brilliant expertise and ability to simplify complicated and scary marketing ideas. I am so excited about my business which is something I wouldn't have said a year ago and that's all because of you!
South African Actor, TV Personality, Ancestral Healer
Led by Storytelling & Video Experts
Abigail Ahoude, Co-CEO & Interviewer
With expertise in thinking about relationship building holistically, and in interviewing, storytelling, funnel strategy, and studio set up, Abigail is excited to welcome the video course cohort!
Adriana Dakin, MPP, Co-CEO & Digital Storyteller
With a long history of telling stories with visuals, videos, and words, Adriana's gift is in organizing plans strategically and moving quickly into action.
Julián Gomez, Short Form Video Producer
He's the short form video producer for none other than Johnny Harris. Abigail, Adriana, and Julián worked together at Fission Strategy for Define American and other innovative and high profile storytelling projects.
Julián Gomez's Story
I created and grew MinuteEarth’s TikTok from 0 to over 1 million followers in just over a year. MinuteEarth makes illustrated, educational science videos.

Aside from managing production, publication, and community engagement on MinuteEarth’s TikTok, I also wrote, directed, and narrated most of the videos posted. The account has over 20 million likes and about 150 million views with videos averaging over 400k views each.

At MinuteEarth I helped create and publish videos with astronaut Chris Hadfield, Miranda Cosgrove, Hank Green, Stephen Fry, Cleo Abram, Dr. Ben Rein, and more.

I also worked with brands for sponsored short form videos including TikTok itself, Patreon, Fiverr, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Lydall, and more.

While at MinuteEarth, I managed the production of, wrote, and edited scripts for 10 segments of the CBS television show, Mission Unstoppable with Miranda Cosgrove. Each of these segments included a short form vertical video version.

While not directly related to short form video, I also developed and implemented community growth and engagement campaigns for the MinuteEarth Patreon, resulting in over 500 new patrons over about 2 years.

Much of the same TikTok content was also published to YouTube Shorts and has enjoyed millions of views there too.

I currently work as the Short Form Video Producer for Emmy-award-winning video journalist Johnny Harris. I write, edit, produce, and distribute all of his short form video content to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

Since June I’ve helped Johnny Harris' TikTok grow by nearly 50% (over 200k followers) to about 430k. In that time videos have also received about 5M likes (over 10M total across all videos on the account). The TikTok account also has 70M total views, with an average of about 600k views per video.

On YouTube, Johnny Harris has over 3.4 million subscribers and although we’ve only started posting YouTube Shorts recently, we’ve already received 25 million views on Shorts content alone, which has driven about 30,000 new subscribers directly. We are using short form content specifically as a way to grow his relationship with his YouTube audience and posting about 3 videos per week. 
Week-by-Week Curriculum
The 8-week course will start in mid February and take place with trainings & work sessions on Tuesdays, and optional Q&A review sessions on Thursdays, so it'll support all participants in having an active and successful Spring season.

  • Week 1 (Feb 21): Mindset and Mapping Your Video Funnel (aka Audience Journey)

  • Week 2 (Feb 28): Niching Down to Your Ideal Target Persona for Your Videos

  • Week 3 (Mar 7): Sharing Your Impact with Persuasive & Powerful Messaging

  • Week 4 (Mar 14): Three Short-Form Video Strategies from Beginner to Advanced

  • Week 5 (Mar 21): Production Tips for Your Video Set Up

  • Week 6 (Mar 28): Video Recording Work Sessions

  • Week 7 (Apr 4): Overlay Graphics Support and Video Editing

  • Week 8 (Apr 11): Strategic Success with Algorithms and Analytics*

  • BONUS for those who complete the work (Apr 18): Empowering Team Members, Donors, Customers, Allies, and Partners as Spokespeople on Video, Plus Plan Your Next Steps for Growth

*In Week 8, we'll start a fast-paced and productive 14-Day Sprint to create and post videos while tracking your progress metrics.

Your trainings have opened new possibilities and horizons for our marketing. You both are freaking brilliant.
Psychologist, Television Personality, Speaker, Author
Whom This Course is For
If your ultimate goal is to … 
  1. Enjoy creating a more automated business or nonprofit that brings in and cultivates newcomers into supporters and customers
  2. Harness a well organized framework to follow again and again, and customize to your needs
  3. Connect with an amazing community with idea generation from peers

This is for you if you …

  1. Want more of your ideal donor or customer types to get to know you and your mission
  2. Realize that current action taking is not as effective toward your goals as you’d like
  3. Want to get super comfortable with video for relationship building
What You'll Need
The needs are pretty simple …

Physical tools:
  • iPhone or other phone with camera for shooting videos
  • Tripod for holding camera away from yourself
  • Lamps if shooting inside
  • Bluelight glasses to protect your eyes
  • Blue Yeti or other microphone (optional)
  • Laptop computer (optional)

  • Teleprompter app for script (free or low cost)
  • Canva account for editing (free)
  • Spreadsheet application like Google Sheets for content planning

  • Open mind
  • Action orientation
I like that you teach people with ethical and moral intentions to use the tools of the system we live in. You can change the system when you know the tools to use. This shows how to use the tools we already have access to, in an appropriate manner, and using our sense of social purpose. Everything you’re saying is about using the tools for organizational capacity.
Graduate Student
Our Approach & Philosophy
Inclusion + Diversity = A community of impact-focused leaders from across sectors, causes, and 8+ countries
Together With You = Peer-to-peer learning and horizontal leadership training methods with compassion at the core
Teach + Do + Review = Blended learning methods created specifically for small, under-resourced teams with a big vision
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