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... Where you accelerate your results with the coaching and training you need to reach your marketing and fundraising goals. 
 Let's elevate your impact together. 
Why? Here's the Reality for Many Leaders of Nonprofits and Social Enterprise Businesses ...
  • Marketing a cause in a recessionary and divisive period, where it seems like the world is constantly on fire, and you're dealing with crisis after crisis, is incredibly difficult.

  • Many want to accelerate impact but don’t know how to use marketing to bring in funding or mobilize supporters for high commitment actions.

  • Most need to deepen audience insights to build a movement that changes communities and to deploy the right solutions for more equity in the world.
We Take You on a Journey of Growth
With a holistic, human-centered approach to learning that's both professional and personal.
Over the Bridge to the Land of Innovation
How Do We Know? 
We've Done The Research
19k Social Impact Leaders Have Participated in Our Quizzes & Surveys 
8.9k Email Opt-ins have Received Our Social Impact Focused Downloadables 
270+ Social Impact Leaders Have Participated in Our Courses, Co-Creating Them Along the Way
100+ In-Depth Interviews & Podcast Episodes with Social Impact Leaders 
36+ Foundation-Sponsored Nonprofits Participated in Our Custom Training Cohorts
9 Countries Represented in our Programs Including Australia, Canada, France, Guatemala, Kenya, Rwanda & South Africa
7 Funders Have Worked With Us to Develop Custom Training Programs for Their Grantees
What We've Found
Many leading social impact work lack the resources they need to fully address the problems they're focused on and achieve their dream.

Our 3 discoveries in overcoming this major gap are ...
Strong Funding Relationships
You can create 200% stronger funding relationships and results without needing to learn lots of technical skills and taking tons of extra time you don’t have. 
Offline First
To have incredibly high impact in your community and cause, you need to do a basic strategic business- or organization-building tactic first to learn your ideal audience like you never have before, before even thinking of spending a penny on ads.
Collaboration Across Organizations
You can be more strategic and generate change more quickly in your community or cause faster, without feeling siloed, isolated, or lonely, and without needing a 90-page strategy developed by expensive consultants that you’ll never read again.
This is an exploratory call to find out if Elevate Impact is the right fit for your goals.
“What has worked well for me is the ImaginePod Way — breaking the information down into bite-sized chunks, understanding how those puzzle pieces fit into the larger picture, and doing the task at hand as a collective. Every workshop has helped me to think more positively and feel empowered to step into the "scary" area of the unknown and just take the steps to learn. The method helps me to set clear goals that are approachable and fit my mission. "
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Leilani Yats
Founder & CEO, Naturally Smart Travel
With a Focus on Equity for Women and People of Color, We Teach You to Elevate Your Marketing for a New Economy and Digital-First World
Courses & Live Trainings
Micro-collaborative learning experiences with frameworks and exercises to help you reach goals that align with purpose-driven activities
Coaching & Accountability
Holistic, heart-centered support to implement learnings, meet deadlines, and make progress using proven methodologies
Peer-to-Peer Learning
Empowered, shared leadership with social impact visionaries across sectors, causes, and continents, with 9 countries represented
The Five to Thrive
Elevate Impact provides a learning experience in the five core elements needed to thrive in your community and and then scale impact.
You *and your team members* build your capacity and develop professionally.
... With the Results Speaking for Themselves
When you have strategy and goals aligned with purposeful and massive action plus group accountability, success is inevitable and your marketing results become predictable and scaleable.
Case Study: Rapid Growth in Impact
In collaborative strategy sessions, we created the evergreen marketing funnel to propel an organization's mission to protect basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society — with 4,000 new leads in 5 weeks, accountability for forward momentum, articulation of impact, and tools like a Project Journey Map, Progress Tracker, and Survey Data.  
We've Been Part of the Biggest Movements
Top talked-about organization: Our work on influencer engagement for immigration issues with Fission Strategy and Define American, led by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist José Antonio Vargas, made it the top talked-about organization in a two-week period.
Fundraising on the back of a funnel: With AbilityPath we collaborated to create a Quiz Funnel that brought in new supporters for inclusion of people with disabilities in their communities. The funnel raised money on its back while building their list within a niche target audience and geography at an exponentially lower cost per acquisition than previous methods.
Growth in coaching clients: With Litha Booi in South Africa and his holistic practice that helps people connect with their ancestors, we coached him and gave him the training and templates to create a Quiz Funnel that grew his list of people interested in ancestral healing to 1,100 in a week, brought in 125 to his first Challenge, and enrolled his coaching clients.
Why Coaching & Training?
We're Bridging the Funding Gap that Exists Now and Historically For Under-Resourced Leaders, Causes and Communities
Empowered Leadership is necessary for the causes your grantees are championing
Confidence To Implement Learnings is the ultimate goal, ensuring the training resources are put to their greatest use
Minority-Led Movements have historically not had access to resource-rich networks, mentorship or knowledge sharing with peer networks — let's change that!
Heart Centered & Holistic coaching methods acknowledge our common humanity and give us space to show up as a whole person professionally
Research Shows that a majority who are coached see improvements in their communications skills both personally and professionally, directly impacting a team's ability to communicate their mission to potential donors and funders
"This is definitely a much needed niche. I have only the best things to say about Adriana and Abigail. They are amazing and both top-notch trainers. Def worth your team's time!" 
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Cheryl Contee
CEO of The Impact Seat Foundation
Chair & Founder of Do Big Things
Accelerator Outcomes
In Our Group Coaching Program You Will Have ...
"Immeasurably Valuable"
"Thank you both. Genuinely, it was SO beneficial. You two were great leaders, and did such an amazing job walking us through these training sessions. I really enjoyed how you both made sure everyone was so involved and valued everyone's comms journey. I learned so much! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and creating such a good space for EcoFlight to learn from you two and the other orgs. The experience will continue to shape and help EcoFlight :))"
Mia Wallace
— Amanda Grimsted, Communications Director, EcoFlight
From a cohort experience in collaboration with Do Big Things and Resources Legacy Fund
We've Trained 270+ Leaders Across 9 Countries
Visionary social impact organizations across sectors, causes and continents have participated in our programs, including those from Australia, Canada, France, Guatemala, Kenya, Rwanda & South Africa.

Why Our Group Learning Methods Work ...
Start with a robust discovery phase, creating a growth strategy and action plan with lasting value.
Work with a detailed curriculum with templates and benchmarks that help you implement, test, and improve.
Office Hours
Enjoy space for you to ask questions, walk through homework, and continue to teach and cross-pollinate ideas.
Teach, Review, Do
Learn new frameworks with a cyclical method, first with interactive methods, then with review, then with time to work and get input.
Learning Library
Use a learning library of recordings, workbooks, one-pagers, and other resources hosted in our online learning space.
Build trust, share knowledge, and discover ways to collaboratively implement marketing campaigns.
Let's Talk
Every leader, team, and organization has unique challenges and goals. How do you want to elevate YOUR impact in the world?
Our Mission

ImaginePod is a women-founded coaching and training Accelerator with a mission to democratize access to fundraising and marketing resources, with a focus helping on women and people of color move from under-capitalized to well-funded and higher impact.

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