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Here's the Reality for Many Foundation Grantees ...
Marketing a cause in a recessionary and inflationary period, where it seems like the world is constantly on fire, more divisive than ever, and dealing with crisis after crisis ... is incredibly difficult.
Many want to accelerate their organization's impact but don’t know how to use their marketing program to bring in funding or mobilize supporters for high commitment actions.
Movement Building
Most organizations need to deepen their audience insights and data in order to build a movement that changes the communities they serve and deploys solutions that create more equity in the world.
How Do We Know? 
We've Done The Research
19k Social Impact Leaders Have Participated in Our Quizzes & Surveys 
8.9k Email Opt-ins have Received Our Social Impact Focused Downloadables 
270+ Social Impact Leaders Have Participated in Our Courses, Co-Creating Them Along the Way
70+ In-Depth Interviews & Podcast Episodes with Social Impact Leaders 
36+ Foundation-Sponsored Nonprofits Participated in Our Custom Training Cohorts
9 Countries Represented in our Programs Including Australia, Canada, France, Guatemala, Kenya, Rwanda & South Africa
7 Funders Have Worked With Us to Develop Custom Training Programs for Their Grantees
“A huge shoutout for rocking the 2022 Learning Cohort!  The wrap-up report, including the individual responses, participant tracking, and the compilation of all the workshop materials is really helpful. It’s been a pleasure working with this entire group of esteemed females. Thank you all."
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Deborah Frey Love
Director, Resources Legacy Fund
We Teach Your Grantees to Elevate Their Marketing for a New Economy and Digital-First World with a Lens on Equity
Courses & Live Trainings
Micro-collaborative learning experiences with frameworks and exercises to help your grantees reach their goals
Coaching & Accountability
Holistic, heart-centered support to implement learnings, meet deadlines, and make progress using proven methodologies
Peer-to-Peer Learning
Empowered, shared-leadership with social impact visionaries across sectors, causes and continents, with 9 countries represented so far.
Resources Legacy Fund's 2022 Cohort
With a group of team members from 7 organizations focused on environmental social  justice, we first led an orientation with a survey and interview process to decide on the curriculum for a 6-month period.

The following trainings resulted, with templates and frameworks for each, and with an office hour session to coach, discuss ideas, and build connections among the organizations between each training:

  • Training 1: Building an Inclusive Messaging Strategy & Audience Base
  • Training 2: Creating an Effective Digital Communications Strategy
  • Training 3: How to Audit Your Program with Data and Social Listening
  • Training 4: Trust Building Through Video Storytelling
  • Training 5: Building Your Email List with Automations for Fundraising & Relationship Building
  • Training 6: Capacity Building and Fractional Hiring
Why Include Coaching for Your Grantees?
We're Bridging the Funding Gap that Exists Now and Historically For Under-Resourced Leaders, Causes and Communities
Empowered Leadership is necessary for the causes your grantees are championing
Confidence To Implement Learnings is the ultimate goal, ensuring the training resources are put to their greatest use
Minority-Led Movements have historically not had access to resource-rich networks, mentorship or knowledge sharing with peer networks — let's change that!
Heart Centered & Holistic coaching methods acknowledge our common humanity and give us space to show up as a whole person professionally
Research Shows that a majority who are coached see improvements in their communications skills both personally and professionally, directly impacting a team's ability to communicate their mission to potential donors and funders
"This is definitely a much needed niche. I have only the best things to say about Adriana and Abigail. They are amazing and both top-notch trainers. Def worth your team's time!" 
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Cheryl Contee
CEO of The Impact Seat Foundation
Chair & Founder of Do Big Things
Program Outcomes
In a Custom Training & Coaching Program Your Grantees Will ...
Master a Strategic Framework for Building & Scaling Marketing Without Overwhelm
Get To Know Their Ideal Audiences Intimately & Better Than They Ever Have Before
Refine and Develop Bold Messaging and Outreach Strategy for Exposure to Ideal Audiences
Build a Sophisticated Email Program that Nurtures Relationships for Action Taking 
Create a Marketing Funnel (Simple or Advanced) that Builds Their Email or SMS Lists on Autopilot 
Elevate Their Marketing Program with the Support of Mission-Aligned Experts & Peer Grantees 
The Result Is An Impactful Grantee Experience
"Thank you both for this cohort. Genuinely, it was SO beneficial. You two were great leaders, and did such an amazing job walking us through these training sessions. I really enjoyed how you both made sure everyone was so involved and valued everyone's comms journey. I learned so much!

With our small team and myself serving as the comms/ development person, this cohort was immeasurably valuable. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and creating such a good space for EcoFlight to learn from you two and the other orgs.

The cohort experience will continue to shape and help EcoFlight :))"
Mia Wallace
— Amanda Grimsted, Communications Director, EcoFlight
We've Trained 270+ Leaders Across 9 Countries
Visionary social impact organizations across sectors, causes and continents have participated in our programs, including those from Australia, Canada, France, Guatemala, Kenya, Rwanda & South Africa.

Showcase Your Commitment to DEI & ESG
We provide program evaluations that support your foundation's mission, provide accountability & articulate impact, including tools like a Project Journey Map, Progress Tracker & Surveying  
Why Our Group Learning Methods Work ...
We start with a robust discovery phase, which typically includes 1:1 interviews with each of the members or organizations in the learning cohort along with group survey.
We create a detailed curriculum with topics, materials, and expected outcomes from the training sessions that address the common themes coming out of the discovery phase.
Office Hours
We use these sessions to create space for members to ask questions, walk through their homework, and continue to teach and learn from each other.
Teach, Review, Do
We use a cyclical method while teaching our frameworks, first teaching cohort members in a number of interactive ways, then reviewing, then giving time to do it themselves.
Learning Library
We build a learning library of training recordings, workbooks, one-pagers, and other resources to be hosted in an online learning space and discussed in Slack or a private Facebook Group.
The group builds trust, shares knowledge, and discovers ways to collaboratively implement marketing campaigns — creating faster and more effective impact.
Let's Create a Custom Program for YOUR Amazing Grantees
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